The Spanish Red Cross has launched the new edition of the Humanitarian Technology Awards for 2024. These awards offer a unique opportunity to recognize and reward the efforts made by various projects related to social innovation, both nationally and internationally. 

Over the past 8 years, the Humanitarian Technology Awards have unveiled interesting ideas, prototypes, and solutions such as Visualfy, Tresdesis, and Missing Maps, among others. These projects have proven their worth by addressing significant social challenges and creatively using technology to make a positive impact on communities. 

The new edition of the awards rewards three initiatives that combine humanitarian action and technology to launch proposals for social innovation. Additionally, this year the awards feature a new category that provides an opportunity for institutes across the country to foster an innovative culture among young people. 

If you wish to submit your project for these awards, you can consult the guidelines and requirements here. The deadline for submitting applications is extended until November 10th, and registration is already open. Do not hesitate to contact Ángeles Durán from the Department of Digital Technological Services if you have any inquiries or need further clarifications by writing to

This is an opportunity to showcase your project and receive recognition for your efforts in social innovation and humanitarian technology. Get inspired to participate!