Solferino Air
Solferino Air

Are you tired of watching online panels and webinars? Do you wish you could travel somewhere new and exciting?

Get onboard Solferino Air and let them take you to two unique and inspiring innovation destinations: I.O.Me in Lamu, Kenya and 21 in Paris, France through a Virtual Tour that will happen on March 24, 2021 13:00-15:00 CET.

During this two-hour journey you will see, hear and experience how these two National Societies of the International Movement of Red Cross Red Crescent support their staff, volunteers and community members.

Through the I.O.Me Lab, the community-based innovation space of the Kenyan Red Cross based in Lamu and 21, the Social Innovation Accelerator of the French Red Cross located near Paris, both National Societies bring their communities’ ideas to life and create solutions with social impact. 

You will see for instance how the Kenyan Red Cross reinvents local craftsmanship through the use of 3D printing or how the French Red Cross supports social entrepreneurship projects!

Organised jointly by the IFRC Solferino Academy, I.O.Me Innovation lab of the Kenyan Red Cross Society and 21, the Social Innovation Accelerator of the French Red Cross, this Virtual Innovation Tour is open for everyone in and outside of the RCRC network. 

Please register here if you are interested:

Invite your friends and get ready for an innovation getaway like never before!