Pau Gasol Valls


The Mexican Red Cross (MRC) implemented a technological system that facilitates the collection, organisation and analysis of information on institutional management and intervention results. Its purpose is to generate an institutional culture of continuous improvement that responds to the problems and needs of the Mexican population and legitimises MRC’s  intervention among interest groups.


Due to the challenges faced by humanitarian action in a global, complex and changing context, the Mexican Red Cross (MRC) focuses its attention on strengthening its internal capacities to respond adequately to the demands of the environment, based on real-time management that makes the achievement of sustainable development objectives visible.  

In order to manage more than 500 local branches coordinated by 32 state branches, which provide services to 126 million inhabitants in a territorial extension of 1,973 million km², it is necessary to implement technological processes that allow information sharing for decision making at both operational and administrative levels.

Technical details & Operations

The Delegation Management System (SGD 2.0) consists of a web page that, through differentiated access, allows users to capture information, organise it, analyse it and visualise the performance of the programmes and services provided to the population, as well as institutional management based on the 2030 Strategic Plan (PlanE 2030). In this way, each local structure is able to know to what extent it contributes to the achievement of the objectives at local, state and national levels.  

The Strategic Plan 2030 (PlanE2030) contains the objectives towards which the Mexican Red Cross will orient its actions in the coming years. It is a guiding document to determine to what extent the MRC achieves its mission through the institutional objectives of the Model of Intervention (MIS) and the organisational vision through the strategic objectives.

Deployment & Impact

With the implementation of the 2030 Strategic Plan and its monitoring through the Delegation Management System, the Mexican Red Cross will effectively fulfil its mission to protect health and life, thanks to its proximity and social impact on the people and communities it serves. Likewise, this platform will enable conditions that will make the MRC more integral, transparent in accountability, and attractive to donors and funding agencies. 

In general terms, this solution contributes greatly to the organisation’s reliability in the eyes of society, which is one of the qualities that Mexican society now demands from private assistance institutions such as the MRC, and which strengthens it to continue facing today’s humanitarian challenges.