Alice Piaggio

Alice Piaggio


Røde Kors Parat (ed. Red Cross Ready to Help) is a nationwide network of +10.000 volunteers ready to help individuals in acute or vulnerable situations with immediate, time-limited tasks in their local communities.


Due to the COVID-19 lockdown in the spring of 2020, Røde Kors Parat emerged as a support network.

Throughout the pandemic, the people of Denmark came together to assist one another, providing help that ranged from grocery shopping to collecting medication and even taking care of pets through dog walks. This collaborative effort was a response to the challenges of self-isolation that many faced due to the virus.

Denmark reopened, and the support network’s experience highlighted a continued significant need for assistance to people facing sudden vulnerability without a network. In response, Røde Kors Parat was born.

Technical details & Operations

The support network is activated through Parat’s helpline, which receives inquiries from individuals in need of assistance and connects them with a ready-to-help volunteer from their local area.

Parat volunteers are ad-hoc volunteers with the capacity to lend a helping hand when needed. Whether it’s picking up packages, grocery shopping, providing a reassuring companion, putting up curtains, or assisting with practical tasks to keep daily life running smoothly, they are there. This support can be provided in emergencies, during periods of illness, or during rehabilitation.

Røde Kors Parat isn’t just about one-on-one help; they are here to support projects that need volunteers in a short period of time. Whether it’s teaming up for community projects, events that call for a group effort, or initiatives that benefit from everyone’s skills.

Deployment & Impact

Launched in response to the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown, Røde Kors Parat has evolved into a nationwide force with +10.000 dedicated volunteers. 600 collective initiatives and 600 tailored assistance tasks were successfully accomplished in 2023. 

The deployment of Røde Kors Parat reflects a strategic and swift mobilization of volunteers, each contributing to the initiative’s overarching goal of fostering community resilience. 

Røde Kors Parat and the Danish foundation TrygFonden joined forces in 2023, driven by shared values and a recognition of the initiative’s positive impact. Over the next five years, TrygFonden’s support will play a pivotal role in enhancing Røde Kors Parat, exemplifying a shared enthusiasm for the project’s potential to make a meaningful and lasting difference.